The Ghentist Gin

The Ghentist is a gin created by two Ghent brothers out of pride for the city of Ghent. In this way, every little detail of our regional product refers to something of the city.


The Ghentist has a fresh touch with a subtle hint of citrus. Then it flows into a rather floral fruit flavor. You imagine yourself in the middle of a real apple blossom orchard!


Since the introduction of the circulation plan, we take care of the deliveries of our customers who are located on the water in the center with our canoe.


Let The Ghentist guide you tastefully!

appel botanical voor een gentse gin

Onze botanicals

Every gin tastes like juniper. All other herbs and spices serve this berry, which has a sweet taste of pine needles and citrus. The botanicals give the gin its own identity and character.


At The Ghentist you initially taste the floral taste due to the lavender and iris flower that is subtly supported by citrus by the zest of lemon and orange. Finally, the taste results in an aroma of Granny Smith apple.

The Perfect Serve

Gin: 5cl The Ghentist with ice

Tonic: 15 cl Indian tonic Fever Tree

Botanicals: 2 slices of Granny Smith apple

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Gift ideas

Business gift




The unique design of the bottle together with the personalization made it an extremely successful gift!



During our dinner in the Blue Artichok we got to know a very tasty gin "Ghentist". This one was great, hence my order :-)


Very good gin, the best I've ever tasted! Super service with personal delivery !!


Very tasty and satisfied with the delivery. Despite postal delays, the birthday present was delivered on time :)


According to my dad one of the best gins on the market!

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